Comprehensive Search

In evaluating the requirements of a regulatory agency the number of documents with relevant information is overwhelming. We most often rely on guidance documents and other official publications but we’re limited by our ability to search across these sources comprehensively.

Our technology allows users to search all relevant sources across multiple agencies in the same place and at the same time.

Regulatory Precedents

To fail less, we need to learn from each other more efficiently. The development journeys pursued by others carry with them lessons on the strategies that worked and those that didn’t. The journeys are documented across thousands of pages but the lessons are hidden.

Our technology helps find the hidden lessons so that knowledge can be shared efficiently and development plans become less-exposed to the unexpected.

Retrospective Intelligence

The regulatory authorities strongly encourage discussing with them key decisions along the development path. In these interactions, the development team has the opportunity to get early feedback on their progress and next steps. Records of these interactions are available but not easily accessible.

To help teams learn from these interactions and better prepare for their meetings, our technology makes these interactions fully searchable and provides the users with sufficient context to capture all relevant information.

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