Regulatory Foresight

Turning regulatory precedents into insights.

We make the information hidden in the agencies’ databases more accessible to help regulatory professionals and drug development teams find evidence-backed answers instantly.

Regulatory Foresight can help you reconstruct the development timelines of relevant products, identify the studies and endpoints that supported previous approvals, highlight feedback from the regulators on any topic of interest, and more.

AI-Powered Regulatory Intelligence

Regulatory Foresight is a web-based platform for biopharmaceutical teams to find evidence-backed answers to their most challenging questions. Using artificial intelligence, millions of pages documenting the development and approval of approved drugs and biologics can be searched and analyzed efficiently.

The technology is helping drug development teams conduct deep searches of the regulatory body of knowledge, identify unique regulatory precedents, properly prepare for regulatory interactions and submissions, and optimize their development strategies.

Comprehensive Search

Search all the resources published by top regulatory agencies.

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Regulatory Precedents

Capture insights from historical approval packages.

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Retrospective Intelligence

Learn how regulatory questions and concerns were addressed.

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