AI-Guided Medical Innovation

Our team is using artificial intelligence to help prevent delays and failures in the development of medical products.

Our goal is to provide R&D teams with the critical information they need to make the right decisions.

Our first tool, Regulatory Foresight, allows development teams to learn from the strategies pursued by others.

Regulatory Foresight

The development of medical products is a complex process that often leads to costly delays and failures. The goal is to demonstrate safety and efficacy to the regulatory authorities but the requirements are often unclear and they vary from country to country. This adds to the complexity and contributes to the high rate of delays and failures.

Regulatory Foresight is a web-based platform allowing biopharmaceutical and medical device teams to find evidence-backed answers to their most challenging questions. Using artificial intelligence, millions of pages documenting the development and approval of marketed medical products can be searched instantly. This allows development teams to optimize their plans, identify gaps early on, find regulatory precedents and better prepare for every interaction with the authorities.

Specific Requirements

Search all the resources published by top regulatory agencies.

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Retrospective Intelligence

Capture insights from historical approval packages.

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Regulatory Precedents

Learn how regulatory questions and concerns were addressed.

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